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  MEASI College of Education's Board of Trustees
Rahman Shamsudeen Ashraf
Janab. U. Mohamed Khalilullah Sahib,,F.C.A.,
Hony. Secretary
Janab A. Mohamed Ashraf Sahib,
Hony. Treasurer
Janab Abdul Malik Sahib,,M.A.,
Name of the Other Trustees Position
Janab M.Faiyaz Ahmed Sahib Member
Janab S. Ahmed Meeran Sahib Member
Janab S. Ziauddeen Ahmed Sahib Member
Janab G. Mohamed Ayaz Sahib Member
Janab A.S. Abdul Basith Sahib Member
  MEASI Group of Institutions
Name of the Institution Year Est.
The New College 1951 onwards
MESI Mat. High. Sec. School 1985 onwards
New College Inst. Of Management 1987 onwards
MEASI Academy of Architecture 1999 onwards
MEASI Inst. Of Information Technology 2002 onwards